Buenos Aires, Argentina producer Chancha Via Circuito has a new album coming out on June 8, 2018 through Wonderwheel Recordings. Entitled Bienaventuranza, it marks his fourth full-length release. “Ilaló (Ft. Mateo Kingman) shows Chancha Via Circuito continued evolution of his blend of Andean instrumentation and electronic beats. Here a charango provides a crisp melody while cumbia inspired beats and a pulsing bass line back Mateo Kingman’s vocals.

Ilaló is a volcano in Ecuador from where the song gets its name. This is reflected in the video which prominently features Kingman who is a native of Ecuador moving along a forest setting. The song evokes forest rituals with bird feathers and hawks as leitmotif as the lyrics ask the gods for clarity and calm to get past darkness into a renewed life.

The full album is available for pre-order now.


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